We have knowledge in website development and error fixing. We can develop websites and are able to fix issues on existing websites. With many years of experience also on Cloud Computing, we manage different servers on services like Amazon Web Services. We run automation tests, and weekly secure patches for all our customers websites on our servers. All at very affordable prices. We like clean and minimalistic websites, but we are also able to do a few complex websites. Explore a few of our websites we did below.

What makes us Special

We plan with every client exactly how the website should work before payment to make sure the price is fair and not high if the client wants just a simple website in terms of it features. That would require less time to create. We also plan for the future and use only future proof technologies. We know that a professional website should be able to scale with the clients future needs thats why we consider that from the beginning of development. We got experience in Node.js, .NET, PHP, Wordpress and also ReactJS. Even if you have an existing website that you want to maintain or add features too we might be able to do that. Best way to find out is to -> contact us your question

Google Search Optimization

Some of our clients website have ranked on top search results by our optimizations. We got experience in code optimizations for great search results. Example below of one of our successfully customers itslitkit - music store for producers from producers on top search results at google on products...

itslitkit website optimization

Website Reviews

Nexus designs is one of the best on the market. His work is very good and professional always satisfied. I recommend him widely, nexus created 2 websites for me and some designs for my channel and many like them. If I recommend someone, nexus is indicated!

Danny E.B.TracksDanny E.B.Tracks

Nexus Design was insanely supportive and helpful in developing my website. I would not have been as inspired without the support of this company, and I will be forever grateful to the beautiful website they helped me make.

Zara from NexusGamingZara from NexusGaming

Wanna Explore Websites, we did ?

We got involved into many website development projects to name all but we listed a few recent projects below