MIRROR Album Cover Design for Yasqan

August 3, 2021 · min read
Category: Album Cover

MIRROR Album Cover Design for Yasqan

The Music Label CodexRecords hired us for the design of the SINGLE MIRROR of YASQAN. For the Design we came up with a horror vibe design with new effects that our design team came up with. To represent the new SINGLE of the Artist. For Color Theme we did a dark BLUE to strong up the vibe.

Our challenge was to composite the ORIGINAL Shot Image into an outstanding ART. For the Colors of the Title MIRROR we used a technic to give the letters a depth effect as they would be written in broken Mirrors same for the Color Style to Compose it in one Artwork. We attached below as well the origin Image as reference to the result.

Design we did for his SINGLE Cover

MIRROR Cover Design

Origin Image


It was a great project to try new design styles. We are happy with the design we delivered and look forward on his release on Spotify.