DannyEbTracks Newsletter App

January 5, 2020 · 3 min read

Newsletter Mailing App for Platinum Music Producer, DannyebTracks

The Newsletter we made for DannyebTracks can send unlimited marketing emails in a matter of minutes to all of his clients. The Newsletter includes also 2 custom layouts (White and Black Theme). The Newsletter imports also all emails from his BeatStars account to be able to send marketing emails to all his existing clients. Dannyebtracks want to have a newsletter that updates quickly and is able to send unlimited emails to all his customers list, which is growing daily this is what the app does.

Technologies used: Nodejs, ruby, react

DannyEBTracks Email Design v2 that his Customers receive

dannyebtracks design image

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  • Client: dannyebtracks
  • Project Created by NexusonDesign