How to find the right designers for your project the story

January 5, 2020 · 3 min read

How to find good designers

Finding the designer for your special project can be hard, because they are today so many artists but not all of them are the same, some artist works great hand in hand with the clients and counts them as a person and some other count just the profit. They are many great designers out there that can probably do the project for you, it sometimes depends on the clients budget, if the budget is to low a designer won’t be able to spend to much time on the project but does this means, someone needs a high budget to hire a designer, no it really depends on the size and vision they come to. If the project is reasonable and doesn’t require to much time to create the price gets lower but now where can you find the right designer for your needs ?

Get to know the designer before you start a project

It’s always a great idea to know the designer you plan to work with, make sure to see his portfolio because this should speak for itself, a good looking portfolio is important. Make sure you like his work if so, check his reviews make sure they make designs for many great artists and most importantly make sure you like his design style because good reviews but not liking his design style would be a big mistake if you plan to work with him. If you like his work then go to his contact info and try reaching to him ask him directly what your project would cost if they would like to work with you they tell you the price. Don’t scare yourself just ask them, asking is everywhere free you lose nothing you can only win some great contact with artist that can help you make your project real. A great idea is not everything sometimes you need things done that you simply can’t do on your own this is where a company or freelancer could help you out.

Think about what you really need before contacting the designer you find

Don't go to a designer and say, 'Hi I need a design', most designers don't like this avarage question. Include more info for the designer to better know your project like, for what do you need the design what colors do you want the design to be on, do you have some favorite designs that you like for reference that way you give the designer more info to better think about your project and requirements so they can better imagine it and give you much better price qoutes.

Places to discover great designers

The best place to find designers is probably youtube, many great designers upload their designs on youtube as well as on portfolio pages like behance and dribbble to get discovered. Get to know your standpoint if you are a small company or someone that wants to start a project and you are on a tight budget you are better of looking on portfolio pages for freelancers or look for a company that offers small projects.

But not every designer is great

Sometimes you might find designers offereing services for to low prices less then a cup coffe, you are better of staying away from souch deals because most of the time souch people that have very less prices can be not real. Imagine a logo design for 5$ this sounds to good to be true most of the time they use templates and don't make your design custom. Make sure to chosse a designer that their portfolio looks unjue and not like everyone else. If you are a designer make sure to make new type of designs get inspiration from others but don't copy their work they are mostly copyright protected and if the client finds this out you will lose your great name.

Ask your friends

We know this from experince, ask your friends maybe someone in your friends list is a designer that can do the work for you. Make sure to get active ask around this can really help.

What makes us good designers

We count our clients, not from their branch, we count them as person and each person deserves the same high quality we care about them and make sure each design we deliver hold our high-quality standards and therefore we spend sometimes weeks to create a matching preview that is based on the customers vision, we work hand in hand with our clients to get the result they vision of. Quality goes for us over quantity, we could make much more projects if we would not take care of each client but we hold on our passion and are happy that from 14.000 customers all of them were satisfied, we take it to the next step and hope to be able to make each design also in future be the high-quality standard and maintain our good 5 stars customer service. Because in the end, it matters that the client is happy too not only design makes us what we are today. Not every suit means it’s suited, the same goes for design, we make sure to find the design style that matches the client’s vision. It’s our passion and job making every design be the right suit for each.