About us

Hey there, let us tell you who we are.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Photo by Alisa Anton

Who we are in person

We love doing designs and websites, it's always a pleasure for us to work on new ideas. We are funny and this is what makes our team nice. We are designers and web developers, that love nature, games, and movies. When we finish our work we go home and play with our friends and familly. We like to enjoy new things to get inspiration.

What Matters to us

It's not the size of a project that matters to us, it's the idea and person. We work also on small projects for youtubers. What is important to us is the idea and person behind it.

Our Story

NexusonDesign started in 2014 with designing for youtube artists mainly rappers and music producers, we did many designs for music artists some of them became multi-platinum artists at this time. In 2016 NexusonDesign meet a design agency that hired us on projects for small film events animations. In the year 2018 we got our first studio Inquiry, it was for a short animation for Marvel, Venom Movie 2018. We got this project through an agency and from that on we started working on product animations for television and film. We never forget our start doing designs for YouTubers. It all started small and grow slowly. Our passion is doing designs and being award-nominated would be our next goal.

This is us, If you want to work with us on your project, we would be glad to be on board.